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The Journal promotes discussion about various issues in peace research, including but not limited to, security systems, justice and basic human needs, survival for indigenous people, discourse on peace and war, human security, nonviolent social change, peace and environmental movements, sustainable development, global environmental policies, human rights, self-determination, economic equity, conflict resolution, disarmament, and peace education. This journal is dedicated to enhancing discourse on a wide range of theoretical issues in peace research and improving our knowledge in the quest for global peace.

The Journal of Aging Science is an international, peer-reviewed journal overlays the development of new analytical methods or improvement of existing ones useful for the separation of even organic and inorganic components.

The Journal of Hotel & Business Management is an international, peer-reviewed journal overlays the activities associated with running a company, such as controlling, leading, monitoring, organizing and planning.

The Policy Press is a leading international publisher of high quality books and journals across a wide range of Social Science subjects.

Translational Proteomics covers all areas of human proteomics using multi-disciplinary approaches to untangle complex disease processes. Translational Proteomics is intended to academic, industrial and clinical researchers, physicians, pharmaceutical scientists, biochemists, clinical chemists, disease molecular biologists in the fields of applied human proteomics.